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chapter two

Noir Worldwide originally started as a parkour team. Four brothers who share the same passion. We were making videos and attending at community-based events. We all enjoyed training together but we felt like it wasn't just that. It was the whole creative process behind it.

Parkour isn't a competitive sport, that's the thing that makes it a unique sport.

Growing together is one of the key elements of parkour.


The parkour culture has created a base for the way we work, think and the goals we set. 

Since we realized the potential of this mindset, we decided to try and use it in other aspects of life, where creative expressions were the main goal for us. Since 2020, we have taken a new step with Noir to develop into a brand/collective. 


In this new chapter we want to expand our focus, design clothes, create more original content and connect people.


Welcome to the new chapter.

CHAPTER TWO - Noir Worldwide
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